The Podcast

“How not to be a fake ass hoe…”

Get in loser! We’re healing trauma and being the best got dang humans we can be!

Let’s talk spirituality, embodiment, conscious relationships, life purpose shit, and more! None of that woo woo fluffy stuff here. 
This channel is straight from the mouth of a real ass, magical ass, goddess ass bitch.

The School

“How to be fucking awesome…”

Online courses, books, and in-depth teachings so you can be the best human imaginable!

The Blog

“Articles, writings, and other cool shit…”

Free articles and tutorials about anything pertaining to being fucking awesome.

Premium content coming soon!

The Studio

“Real Yoga for Real People…”

Meditation and Vinyasa Yoga so you can get into that Zen Life vibe.

Coming Soon!

The Readings

“What the hell is going on…?”

Tarot Card Readings to help you figure out what the hell is up with your soulmate, twin flame, and/or life purpose.

The Forum

“Meet other awesome humans and be awesome together!”

Connect with me and get your questions answered, make new friends, discuss course content, offer your expertise, share projects, find collaborators…etc.

The possibilities are endless!