The Podcast

“How not to be a fake ass hoe…”

Get in loser! We’re healing trauma and being the best goddesses we can be!

Let’s talk spirituality, embodiment, conscious relationships, life purpose shit, and more! Nope. None of that woo woo fluffy stuff here. 
This channel is for women who want to be a real ass, magical ass, goddess ass bitch.

The School

“How to be a fucking goddess…”

Online courses, books, and in-depth teachings so you can be the best goddess you can be!

The Readings

“How to get unfucked…”

Pick a Card Readings to help you get closer to your soulmate, twin flame, and/or life purpose.

The Coven

“A religious experience for the rest of us…”

Minister of Sound and Resident High Priestess Penelope Calloway, will be offering music, ritual, creative tutorials, spiritual guidance, healing tools, community and more. Part fan club, part learning lab, part sanctuary.