About Penelope

Penelope is a Rebel/Muse Goddess. Determined from a very young age to be as different as humanly possible from everyone else, she began a journey of discovery few have been brazen enough to embark on. This has lead her through a diverse learning of skills, trades, professions, relationships styles, and passions. The red-headed step child of any major category, she is biracial, bicultural, bilingual, bisexual, and polyfidelitous. (to name a few) Her life’s purpose has been to master living in-between and outside of the lines while balancing staying connected to others. One day she realized that this was something everyone needed to know. No one fits in. Everyone must master the art of not conforming and still belonging. So with that her life’s calling began.

She is a writer at heart; a writer of poetry, of songs, and of the secrets of the universe. She is emotionally courageous. She is honest to a fault. She is compulsive, obsessive, and follows her heart; to the chagrin of her “better” senses. She is wise beyond her years. She is delightful, and terrifying, and soothing, and confusing. She’s weird, she’s crass, she’s sexy, and genius. She will push your buttons, your envelopes, and your boundaries, and you will learn to love it all. She will transform your entire life if you let her. She is so happy that you are here. I am so happy that you are here. We are all so happy that you are here…



Penelope studied at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, specializing in various healing modalities. She graduated with honors from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Family & Human Development. She is happily married and the mother of three crazy awesome humans..