Bad Bitch Gone Goddess Academy

The BBGG Academy is a division of Gone Goddess LLC dedicated to delivering in-depth Goddess Life Teachings.

Current Classes…

Goddess School: A ten module comprehensive/foundational course about all things goddess life. Course is delivered online with lecture lessons, meditations, and journal exercises. Topics covered include…

Meet Your Goddess Self, Harnessing Intuition & Energy, The Art of (S)elfish Selfishness, Inner Child Healing, Desire, Sensuality, Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Relationships, Enlightenment 101, & Magical Manifestation. (Advanced Studies Coming Soon)

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Same Flames: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Mastering the Twin Flame Path (Paperback)

Unlike other Twin Flame Teachings, this course was written by a twin flame who has been in harmonious union for over a decade. This course demystifies the Twin Flame Path and is a detailed road map to get you from separation to union. Learn what twin flames are, how to tell the difference between karmic, soulmates, and mirroring souls, how to attract your twin flame into your life, and what to do if you’re currently in separation. (Online Course Format Coming Soon)

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Coming Soon…

Birth Goddess: Birthing Our Babies, Birthing Ourselves

Learning the physical process of labor and birth will not only assist you in having better childbirth experiences, but will also assist you in birthing yourself through your spiritual awakening process. Birth Goddess is not only a complete childbirth education class for natural birthing, but will also teach you what you need to know to birth your higher self into being.

This method focuses on movement, and transforming the perspective of pain during the labor and birth process. You will learn to work with the natural waves of your body and soul bringing you closer and closer to new life.

Bonuses include: Workbook, Guide for Birth Partners, Audio Labor Simulator, Movement Practice, and How to Have an Ecstatic Birth Experience.

Turned On!: Utilizing Arousal and Sexual Energy to Power Your Life

Learn about life force energy and the power of arousal. Learn why we disconnect, what embodiment means, and how plugging back in is the secret to your greatest power in life.

Goddess School Teacher Training

For those who feel called to teach Goddess School, this course offers official certification and a non-exclusive license to offer the Goddess School Course through live webinar, video/phone call, or in-person sessions.