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BBGG Spotlight: Shaunte Glover

So I have been bored to fucking tears lately with social media and all the useless information people post. Like what they ate today, and the 100 thousandth selfie from the 250th bathroom they’ve been in…etc. I’m guilty of these things, yes I am. But it’s not the ONLY thing I post. It’s not. I promise. I have obsessions and hobbies and goals and things that mean something to me that I want to share with the world. I post about that stuff too. I’m just saying.

I was like “why aren’t people posting about what they love, what they’re passionate about, what moves them and inspires them!?” I was like “Lawd, please lawd, show me better than what I’ve been seeing because I know it’s out there!”

Well, ladies and gentlemen. The universe has provided and today I got introduced to the work of Shaunte Glover. Her series Love & Backpacks is artistically shot, authentic and beautifully human.


She’s not quite sure where she’s going with it, but she’s doing it anyway. And I fucking love that! So check out her video channel on Vimeo and her website Follow the evolution of her projects. Learn from her. Love her. Let her passion for her art inspire you. Keep on keeping’ on Shaunte. Bad Bitch Gone Goddess salutes you!

xoxo Pen

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