• Dear Love
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    New Music: Dear Love…

    As some of you may know, I’m a singer-songwriter. It wasn’t anything I ever set out to become. It was simply a way that I found I could process my deepest feelings. It’s a healing practice for me more than anything. The newest project I’m working on is a concept album. I had found myself in an unrequited love situation that I just couldn’t shake. What I realized was that there were so many things I needed to say that I never got the chance to. I felt stuck. Unable to release it with so many things left unsaid. One day I realized that it wasn’t so much that I…

  • Why Asking for Twin Flame Union Doesn't Work
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    Why Asking for Twin Flame Union Doesn’t Work

    Not even gonna beat around the bush here, let’s jump right in. Why asking for Twin Flame Union doesn’t work, is because it does. Wait, what!? Bear with me. See when you ask the universe to bring you your twin flame union, it doesn’t seem to respond because you already are in union. That’s the reality of the connection. You are never ever separate from your twin flame in the spiritual realm. So asking over and over again to receive this union is like beating a dead horse. Your union already is. You already have it. It’s all around and inside of you. It has never ever left you. You…

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    Pleasure Principles: Introduction

    Each and every one of us was made with a particular frequency, a special flavor, a unique essence if you will. Mine was and is, pleasure. Embracing the deliciousness of life was something that came easy to me. I was born a hyper-sensual with sensory processing sensitivity, or as you may know it “a highly sensitive person” (HSP). All of my senses are heightened to the max. Energetic orgasms while eating or listening to music is the norm. Most people I describe it to think it sounds absolutely amazing. They are not wrong. It is amazing, but I found that my condition was more of a liability than a gift…

  • Pleasure Principles Breath
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    Pleasure Principles 1.1/Breathe

    First things first. If you aren’t breathing, are you even alive bro? Week 1: Breathe Bitch, Breathe! The Theory: Breath is life. Without breath, there is no life. Duh, we know this. What you may not know is that breath is the way in which the body connects to the fountain of life force energy that is always available to us. Breath is the pump that circulates the subtle energy that powers everything in your body. The deeper and fuller you breathe, the more this cosmic energy can penetrate and permeate your cells.  You must learn how to breathe again. Negative emotions such as shame, guilt, anger, and fear all…

  • Pleasure Principles Hydrate
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    Pleasure Principles 1.2/Hydrate

    In the last session we got back in touch with allowing deeper and fuller breaths. Now we will add on to that the benefits of hydration. Each subsequent session you will stack what you have learned right on top of one another. The goal of course is to fully integrate all of these practices into your daily way of being. Week 2: Hydrate Hoe! The Theory: After breath, the most important need of the body is water. The water inside the body is the conductor for the life force electricity that flows through and powers your cells. Without enough water, you may be breathing enough energy in, but it cannot…

  • Pleasure Principles Nourishment
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    Pleasure Principles 1.3/Nourish

    We are moving right along! Last session you hydrated, the session before you remembered to breathe, now put it all together while you feed yourself! Week 3: Feed Yo Self! The Theory The body is an organic machine. As such, it requires fuel to function at optimal levels. The body is made up of many systems, all of which require fuel to produce various chemical reactions as well as to move through space. Movement utilizes the pulley and lever system of the muscles and bones. Muscle and bone is quite heavy, therefore, the body requires fuel in order to have enough energy to move. Calories are essentially the fuel that…

  • Pleasure Principles 1.4 Move
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    Pleasure Principles 1.4/Move

    In the last session we talked about the importance of proper nourishment of the body. Now that you’re feeding yourself properly, breathing deeply, and drinking plenty of water, it’s time to get moving! Week 4: Move Yo Ass! Movement Movement is required by the physical vehicle for the same reason that breath is required. Breath moves life force energy around the body on a more subtle level. Physical movement moves the energy around the body on a more gross level. Movement also assists in the detoxification and evacuation processes, as well as keep the body fit and flexible. Just as the body needs to take in energy and nourishment, there…

  • Pleasure Principles 1.5/Rest
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    Pleasure Principles 1.5/Rest

    In the last session we got moving. Now it’s time to talk about getting proper rest. Week 5: Go the Fuck to Sleep! Shelter in Place Before we talk about rest, we need to talk about a crucial component that contributes to rejuvenating rest, shelter. Shelter is required to feel safe enough to access the deep sleep in which the body can repair and heal itself. Resting without feeling safe will impede this process, as will resting without having sufficient nourishment, hydration, or movement. The processes the body performs during sleep are crucial to maintaining wellness in the physical body. While it is true that the spirit or consciousness which…

  • Pleasure Principles 1.6/Touch
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    Pleasure Principles 1.6/Touch

    We have talked about breath, hydration, nourishment, the balance of movement and rest, and now in the last session of part one we will discuss the importance of physical touch and intimacy. Week 6: Reach Out and Touch Somebody! Physical Touch Physical intimacy is a requirement for the proper functioning of the body. The individuation program in order to be human is quite intense. Therefore, one can forget that they are in fact not alone, but rather all one. Physical touch, affection and closeness to the bodies of others reminds the spirit of the reality that they have come to. It reminds them to attend to their own bodies, to…

  • Why Your Prayers Aren't Being Answered
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    Why Your Prayers Aren’t Being Answered

    Why Your Prayers Aren’t Being Answered Everyone prays. Everyone. I don’t care whether you think you are religious or not, you pray. If you have felt grief, or burden, or suffering of any kind, I promise you have prayed. So go ahead and drop the pretenses. You are a praying man or woman. Period. We all are. The trouble is that when most of us have prayed in the past, we are simply trying to use God randomly, as a resource. We’re like “Hey up there! I’m having a hard time down here, help me out would ya?”.  Now imagine that you went to some random stranger’s house and knocked…