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Galactic Transmissions : New Moon Message August 30 2019 ~ Loving Gaia

Greetings Beloveds,

I am so pleased to be speaking with you today. As the seasons begin to change and the new moon in Virgo approaches, we are calling to you to reexamine your relationship to the earth at this time. She is not in need of your help so much as she is in need of your appreciation and love. You must begin to reconnect with your Gaia mother that sustains your life experience here on the planet. When you are not connected to her energy, you cannot thrive nor can she. There is much talk about how to save the planet. You are not needed to save the planet, she can save herself. What you fail to realize is that by not reconnecting to your earth mother, you are the ones who will need saving. 

Easy ways to begin this process is to simply tune in to the energy of the earth daily. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and feel the life force of the planet. Feel the way it flows through your own veins, how it is made of the same fabric of your own bones. Breathe together with this earth force field. Begin to feel the love and appreciation for your home. The more gratitude and attention you give, the more thanks that you feel, the more naturally you will behave in ways that are symbiotic rather than parasitic. In every choice you make it is between these two things. 

Gaia is ever abundant and delights in nourishing all of her creatures. You must be selfish enough to begin to make choices that are sustainable of this nourishment for generations to come. It may seem insurmountable for you as one human to make an impact or a change in the progression of this greed and destruction, but you can make a difference. Each time you connect to mother Gaia and remember all that she provides for you, sending love and light and gratitude, is of great service. We thank you for your attention to this matter. In this earthy time of Virgo it is much easier to feel. We ask that you continue to do this exercise daily henceforth. Implement it into your daily practices. We, your galactic brothers and sisters are ever present should you need to call on us for guidance. 



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