Introducing The Dance of Love!

Things evolve, and so has the podcast Shenayda and I have been doing. It seemed important to allow it to have it’s own spotlight sooooo, I have separated the two podcasts into their very own little worlds! What’s great about that is that Shenayda and I will be free to get as woo woo and seriously spiritual as we’d like with The Dance of Love, ¬†and I can maintain my cantankerous and ranty bitch behavior on the BBGG podcast that you all love so much!

I will continue to post The Dance of Love episodes on my feed, as I think they are super relevant and awesome things to think about. However, you will start to notice that episodes with Shenayda and I will begin with “Dance of Love…” and the one’s that are strictly Bad Bitch Gone Goddess style with begin with “BBGG…”

So, if you have any questions about that or anything else, hit me up at or leave a comment below.




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