Kitchen Essentials for Goddesses

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Bad Bitch Gone Goddess Kitchen Essentials

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Kitchen Essentials For Goddesses

A Bad Bitch can use her good looks to get anyone to buy her meals. A Goddess, not only knows her way around a kitchen, but knows that cooking is one of the most nurturing and loving gifts she can give herself and others! You don’t have to learn to be a gourmet chef, but having a solid foundation of basic cooking skills and these kitchen essentials will take your domestic goddessness to a whole other level!

Here is a list of essential items you need to have in your kitchen…

Pots and Pans– There are lots of different brands and styles of pots and pans on the market. Some health experts warn against pans that have non-stick surfaces and prefer to use cast iron or stainless steel pans that don’t have non-stick coatings. Ultimately, what variety of material you choose for your pots and pans is up to you. The easiest thing to do is to find a set that you like, like this Anolon Advanced Cookware set on Macy cookware

Some sets can seem a bit pricey, but if you get a high quality cookware set, it will last you a lifetime. If you’d rather piece your set together yourself, here is what you need…

1 large stock pot 8-12 quarts

1 medium pot 3-5 quarts

1 small pot 1-2 quarts

1 10” skillet

1 8 “ skillet

1 3 quart covered saute pan

1 griddle or grill pan

1 cast iron skillet

Don’t forget to buy lids!!

Baking Set– Ceramic or Pyrex is the move here. You will want a few different sizes of baking pans as well as at least one cookie sheet and a cupcake pan. Pyrex makes these awesome sets that you can bake, store, and freeze stuff in.  They’re amazing and easy to clean! Definitely my go to. Pyrex Baking DishesClick HERE to buy

Rice Cooker/Slow Cooker– Rice cookers are inexpensive and do way more than make rice. You can steam vegetables and even make soups and stews! Slow cookers are great for all kinds of things. You could buy a rice cooker and a crock pot separately if you want, but you can also get something like this Aroma rice cooker, steamer, and slow cooker combo.  It does everything!

Aroma Rice Cooker

Pressure Cooker– Pressure cookers are fucking amazing. I make almost all of my meals with a pressure cooker. It cooks things fast and keeps in the flavors and makes meat way more tender and juicy. I absolutely LOVE my pressure cooker. If I had to only choose one thing to have in my kitchen, it would be this. There are lots of different brands to choose from. Just make sure that it is a good quality pressure cooker to avoid the dangers of blowing your face off or something. Never deep fry anything in your pressure cooker. It seems like a good idea, but it’s very dangerous! I personally recommend these two brands of pressure cookers.

Duromatic by Kuhn Rikon  These are fancy and expensive, but are totally worth the price. Kuhn Rikon makes really great products in general, so check out their other stuff too.  duromatic5

Fagor makes excellent pressure cookers as well. I had a couple of Duromatics that I really loved, but one got lost in a move and another got ruined because someone put it in the diswasher! Argh! DON’T DO THAT! I got a Fagor as a gift and it really does a great job so I have yet to replace my Duromatics. Though I will eventually.


KitchenAid Mixer– A KitchenAid mixer is not necessarily a basic essential, but  you want one! This thing is the Bad Bitch of the kitchen. Its available accessories can do everything from making pasta and sausage to ice cream!  I love mine and they last forever! Kitchen Aid Mixer

Fo a more basic option, just get any hand mixer or use a whisk and your muscles
kitchen aid hand mixerwhisk


Knife Set– There is nothing more frustrating about cooking than having dull knives. Get a good quality knife set. It will last forever and you will be a much happier goddess! Here’s a good one by Chicago Cutlery.

Chicago Knives

Cutting Board Set– Now that you have great knives you need something to cut on! Bamboo is my personal favorite. Wood is the best since it’s a natural germ fighter and I just love the feel of it. You can also get cutting boards in plastic, and glass. Make sure you have at least three different sizes. You will want a small one for things like garlic, a medium sized one for most purposes, and a large one for carving meats or preparing lots of fruits and veggies.

hardwood cutting board set

Utensils and Accessories– I told you I love bamboo, so I always have a set of tools like this. For stovetop cooking I love them.Bamboo Turners

Other things you will need include turners, spatulas, measuring spoons, measuring cups, cheese grater/zester, peeler, can opener, masher, whisk, pizza cutter, and tongs. My advice though is just to find a utensil set and buy that. It will  have everything you need and you’ll probably save money.

Utensil Set

Even if you’re not baking, it’s always good to have a couple of hot pads around. You can use them if you have stainless steel handles or you can set them on the counter if you need to move a pan to free up a burner. I love sets, it just makes life easy, so here is one I like. Hot mitts

That’s all for now. Go forth and stock thy kitchen. Be the best Goddess you can be! Recipes and cooking techniques coming soon! If you have any questions, comments, or if I missed something that should be in this post leave a comment!


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