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Life After Enlightenment

The concept of enlightenment is a life long pursuit for many on the spiritual path. There are groups of people who spend their entire lives meditating reaching for moksha, or the stage of liberation from the cycle of rebirth. While connecting to the ultimate essence that we are is an essential part of the spiritual path, it does not ultimately serve life.

The purpose of enlightenment is to remind us of our divine origins. It is to awaken us to that divinity so that we may begin to awaken the soul from its slumber. In this awakening, we realize our true ultimate essence is oneness with source. The purpose of this realization is to end the suffering caused by the belief in separation. It is to liberate us from the unconscious cycle of being reborn into this dimension. It is to restore our free will to its intended capacity. 

The trouble is that once one attains this important realization, one will also realize that life continues on. A sort of spiritual hangover ensues. You tap into this essential knowledge that you are ever present in the light of God, but you are in fact still in a body. You still have bills, and a family to take care of, and a mission to accomplish. You still have a life that yearns to be experienced through you. You have desires and dreams and wishes you want fulfilled. That life cannot be lived if one only strives to be one with source through meditative practices alone. 

Meditation is a Tool

Meditation is a crucial part of this journey. It is something you will want to dedicate yourself to. However, mediation is meant as a tool. It is there to assist you to remember your celestial self. This serves to elevate your consciousness beyond the mundane trappings of this physical existence. If the goal was to only remain at one with God, then we would have never come into bodies to experience creation at all. Seek enlightenment, yes. Seek to feel that oneness with the true nature of your being, yes. Then you must bring that awareness with you, back to life. 

Experiencing your ultimate essence is the goal of enlightenment practices. The goal of embodiment practices is the realization of your own unique personal essence. This essence is what you were created to be by source. It is the individual unique facet of God that you are. This essence is what you want to focus your practices on once you’ve tasted the bliss of oneness in the void. Your true personal essence is the reason you came into existence. It is what you will want to devote your life to uncovering and expressing. It is your entire reason for being. 

Enlightenment is only part of the whole

Enlightenment practices need not and should not cease. In fact, because of the density of this dimension, you will want to meditate regularly as to not forget your divine nature. It is quite easy to do so. Understand however, that enlightenment practices are only one part of the whole. The ultimate goal is actually to integrate the awareness of your celestial oneness into your embodied life. The practice is to experience the oneness through meditation, until you can hold that same awareness in the midst of your earthly activities. It is to infuse source energy and power in all that you are and all that you do.

You are not to learn the state of oneness and abandon your earthly life. You are to bring back the experience of oneness with you, and remain ever connected. The purpose of enlightenment is to strip you of ego identification with the personality you have cloaked yourself in. When you see that this person you have believed yourself to be does not exist, you become an empty vessel for source to express itself through you in the unique way only you can provide.

You are an instrument of God

In relinquishing the ego self, you become the instrument of God that you were made to be. You can allow life to express itself through you. Source energy becomes manifest through us and our existence. Each one of us is a unique and expertly tuned instrument that is part of the symphony of all of creation. Connect to the void of all that is and lose your small self. Then come back to life and allow source to play the frequencies of creation through you that only you can sing. 

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