What is Masculine and Feminine Energy?

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Hello my lovelies! We are back at it again talking about Masculine and Feminine Energy! Shout out to #husband for all the hard work and dedication it took to get the new studio ready. It looks amazing and we sound fantastic. What more could we ask for right? Hooray!

In this episode Shenayda and I talk about the difference between masculine and feminine energy. We address the importance of finding balance between the two and a little bit about how to tell one extreme from the other. What is feminine energy and what does it feel like? Well feminine energy feels a lot like non-doing. It is the being part of life, the inhale to the exhale, the inspiration and gestation parts of creation. Masculine energy in contrast is the fire energy. It’s the race horses at the gate energy. It is the part of us that takes inspiration and makes tangible creations. It’s the part of us that once held in the feminine womb of creation births it forth into the world.

The ultimate goal is to balance both of these energies into a symbiotic and interdependent whole. For example, it would be impossible to breath if we only exhaled or inhaled. We need to do both. Often times people find themselves at extremes of one or the other. The feminine extreme looks like lethargy, wimpiness, giving too much to others or over-nuturing. In a word it is ‘victimhood’. It can also look like having lots of creative ideas that never manifest into physical reality. The masculine extreme looks like incessant doing without rest. The masculine extreme is cold, harsh, and unyielding. The masculine when out of balance can easily become the ‘perpetrator’ in the victim-perpetrator cycle.

Once you get a handle on what these two energies feel like, you can start to find balance within. A good balance of masculine and feminine energies looks like owning your desires in a way that incorporates the softness of the feminine. It also looks like total creativity. The kind where ideas flow easily and the energy to implement them to completion is also readily available.

If you have any questions about what masculine/feminine energy  email penelope@badbitchgonegoddess.com or shenayda@shenayda.com. You can also get in touch with Shenayda on her website at Shenayda.com

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Coming up: In the next episode we are going to tackle a few concrete and practical examples of how you can best utilize your own masculine and feminine energies and how to bring them into perfect balance for an amazing and blissful life. Leave a comment below or email us to have your questions answered!

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