Mission Statement

Let me be honest by saying that my mission is completely self-serving. I love women. I love them so much. And I love men too, so much. And the thing that makes me the saddest and most frustrated in the entire world is watching a woman who is too scared to live up to her potential; or who just can’t figure out how to get what she wants out of life. It kills me. Really. When a woman is off center and unhappy, can’t no one around her be happy either. This is how powerful we are, and this is why I have chosen to serve women, to educate them, to light the path to freedom and joy that I have found; for their sake, for men’s sake, for everyone’s happiness, for the health of the planet, for the expansion of the universe. Yeah, it’s like that…

My mission is to help as many women as I possibly can. To help them find their path to becoming utterly magnificent, completely in their power, wide open, and fully expressed. Why? Because I like feeling good. And I feel bad when you feel bad. We are all connected. We are all one. I need you to be happy so I can be blissful. The world needs you to be happy so everyone can be more satisfied with life. So get to it. Because why the fuck not!? What’s your mission? What’s your passion? Let’s find it. Let’s nurture it. Let’s get it out into the world. Everyone shines brighter with each person who lets their light show. Let’s do this. I got you.

Love you long time…xoxo