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Moon Messages: July 31 2019

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been looking forward to this Super New Moon for a whole entire year. Last summer’s uber intense eclipse and retrograde season turned my world upside down. I’ll spare you the gory details, but let’s just say, it was one hell of a ride. 

This past eclipse round didn’t seem quite so tumultuous on the surface, but what it did do was mirror the upheaval of my outer world, internally. I was blind sighted by one heartbreak and shattered illusion after another. I had to face some rather core truths. 

For me personally, I’ve had to let go of what I believed love means. I’ve also had to let go of any preconceived notions about who I am and what my offering to the world is going to be. This has been a lot harder than I thought it would be. 

Despite my endless quest to become more and more authentic, I’ve had to sit with pieces of myself that have been terrified to exist. See, no matter how much inner work you do, there’s always more. It can feel daunting at times, but the honest truth is, the work is never done. 

We are ever growing, ever expanding, and growth can be uncomfortable. Let’s face it, growth can be excruciating and painful sometimes. This new moon promises us a clean slate. You may be feeling lost and empty. That’s okay. 

The only thing that has been lost are layers of the you that were no longer serving your greatest potential. You may have experienced sudden shifts in your career, in your relationships, and in your sense of self. Many things you have identified with have been ripped away from you. This has probably left you questioning your entire existence.

The void is a scary place. Being empty is unsettling. But, if you can shift your focus away from what has been lost, you will find the beauty in what you have gained. I bet your perspective has changed dramatically about who you are and what you want. Your vision of the future may look nothing like it did even a short while ago. Just go with it. 

The greatest pain is trying to hold on to that which has ran its course. We must allow ourselves to evolve and unfold into more and more magnificent versions of ourselves. No, it isn’t always easy. Even if our loses are so that we can make room for even more amazing experiences, loss is loss. It hurts all the same. 

The spiritual community is so intent on positive thinking and forward progress. But I encourage you to take a holistic perspective during this time of upheaval and change. Yes, this time is offering you a tremendous opportunity for rebirth. It is a time of celebration. It is also perfectly reasonable to mourn the loss of your old life, to mourn the ways of being that you have held onto for so long. To mourn the fact that certain people cannot or will not continue to travel with you where you are heading now. 

In order to continue to grow, we must learn to gracefully shed the old. We must learn to embrace the endings and allow them completion before our new beginnings can emerge. If you hold on to what is gone, what is coming cannot make its way to you. I will not pretend that this is easy. I will not ignore the heartache that is inherent in these transitions. 

If you are struggling more than you think you should be this new moon, I’m right there with you. I am here to tell you, that the darkness of the void you may be feeling after Cancer season is only the space that the universe has made inside of you so you can receive the blessings that are inevitably on the horizon. 

Mourn what you must. Then turn your attention to preparing for the light of Leo season. The old you is fading away, and the vulnerability you may be feeling is the real you being born. Do not question yourself now. The energy of Leo activates our heart centers and pushes us to shine that light into the world. This glow up is your birthright. Shine Goddess, shine! 

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