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New Moon Oracle Messages: July 31 2019

New Moon Oracle Messages

Deck: The Threads of Fate Shadow Edition

Created by Blaire Porter & Brit June

Aries: Higher Perspective

Aries: Higher Perspective

Aries, this card is asking you at this time to rise above the crowd and see yourself from a higher vantage point. You may have been hyper focused in on who you have been and may not be seeing who you are now becoming. If you can take this higher perspective, you will be able to see the path more clearly. 

Taurus: Shadow

Taurus, you may have been sitting on the sidelines during these massive shifts of energy. You had enough sense to not get attached to anything while the tides of Cancer season were ebbing and flowing. Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to take a look at the emotions that have inevitably stacked up while you were quietly observing the movement of all the chaos. 

Gemini: Share Wisdom

Gemini: Share Wisdom

Gemini, you have been deep in thought this last month. People may have been asking you what was wrong. The truth is that Gemini has a very introspective quiet side that most are not aware of. You’ve done some soul searching and have come to some brilliant realizations. Share the wisdom you have gained this eclipse season. It will help you to solidify the ideas you have discovered and help those you love as well. 

Cancer: Get Creative

Cancer, your season just ended and unlike everyone else, you didn’t drown. In fact, the sun in your sign has given you a burst of energy that highlighted some of your deeper and darker emotions. Now would be an excellent time to channel those emotions into some art. Get creative and just make art for art’s sake. It doesn’t have to be good, it just has to give motion to that great ocean of feelings inside of you. 

Leo: Self Love

Leo, most would think that self love is not a problem for you. On the contrary, you are quite hard on yourself. You also have a tendency to overdo the performer aspect, especially during your season. Make sure you are taking time to nourish and love on you too. You don’t always have to entertain everyone. It’s your time to shine. Sit back and let everyone else adore you just for being you. 

Virgo: Share Wisdom

Virgo, unlike Gemini who got the same card, the wisdom you’ve gained this season is more visceral and down to earth. Sharing what you have learned will help you embody the insights that you have received. It will also bring great comfort and healing to those around you. 

Libra: Underworld

Libra, like your Venusian counterpart Taurus, you’ve been making the best of a pretty intense time by making everyone around you comfortable. Unfortunately, neglecting your own shadow work will make you grouchy and irritable. Not a good look for the super refined and graceful way you love to be. Take some time and retreat into solitude. If even for a little while, acknowledge the not so pretty in your life. If you don’t look at it, I promise it won’t just go away on its own. Your season will be here before you know it. Deal with the unpleasant now, so you can truly enjoy your time when it arrives. 

Scorpio: Self Love

Scorpio, you’ve been going through it. Most people don’t recognize that your more infamous nastiness is because you are the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. Unconditional love is what Scorpio energy requires of all of us. You must first learn to offer yourself this unconditional love. You have to learn to be kinder to yourself. You will begin to see this love and kindness reflected back to you, once you have learned to embody self love within. 

Sagittarius: Withdraw

Sagittarius, similarly to Libra, you’ve been the moral leader for everyone around you during this rather intense period. You’ve put your own feelings aside and have kept that optimism we all needed to make it through the last month. But you my friend are tired. It’s okay. Admit it. Take some time to withdraw into solitude and replenish that abundant energy that you and everyone around you has grown so dependent on. I know it’s Leo season and you’re ready to party like the best of them. I promise you though, even more blessings are coming your way and you definitely want to be ready for them. 

Capricorn: Sacred Sexuality

Capricorn, Cancer season is tough on you. It just is everything that you aren’t. It is there to teach you about the softer side of your being. It is there to challenge you to find balance in surrender. Sacred sexuality is as much about taking the time to enjoy pleasure as it is about making sure that the work you’re doing is sacred. Don’t just work to be working. Remember to take pleasure in all that you do. Open yourself up to the pleasure of Leo season. Leo energy has much to teach you about getting things done while still having a great time. 

Aquarius: Release

Oh Aquarius, how stubborn you are sometimes. With your ability to detach from your emotions, you may have neglected to do the work of letting go of what has been over for quite some time now. Now that the energy has settled down, take the time to release officially what you have realized you no longer want in your life. Make that phone call. Cancel that contract. Do whatever you’ve been avoiding doing because you have felt it was finalized on your end. 

Pisces: Paradox

Pisces, you are the epitome of paradox aren’t you? You of all the signs can embody contradicting energies and not go crazy. It may be time however, to examine these opposing energies within yourself and find some resolution with them. It may be counterintuitive to do what must be done, but your intuition has already told you that you need to do it. You know exactly what I’m talking about, and you know exactly what you need to do. Do it and you will find your energy falling into an effortless flow again, just like you love. 

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