• From Routine to Ritual
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    From Routine to Ritual: Making the Mundane More Divine

    The dishes endlessly pile up. Laundry is a perpetually growing mountain. We have to groom and bathe and exercise. We spend countless hours working to pay bills, eating, sleeping and all kinds of required human activities. Caring for these physical bodies requires a ton of time and effort. Juggling all of these tasks successfully can be time-consuming and honestly overwhelming. The worst part about it, is that it leaves very little time for the spiritual practice we all really crave. Not everyone has the luxury of abandoning daily life for full time monk-like devotion to spirit. Furthermore, few of us want to completely escape our physical routines, we just wish…

  • Does Life Have to Be Hard?
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    Does Life Have to Be Hard?

    Life is Hard, They Say According to the beliefs of society, Life is hard. Most of us have bought into or agreed with this belief without question. When who we are contradicts this, instead of assuming that what we were taught about life is wrong, we believe that we are wrong. When we look at our astrological charts for example, we often see contradictory or less than ideal energies that make up our personalities. We don’t want life to be hard, but it is. We see these aspects about ourselves as further evidence. Consequently, this makes life even harder.  For example, I’m a Taurus Sun. Both my Moon and Venus…

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    New Moon Oracle Messages: July 31 2019

    New Moon Oracle Messages Deck: The Threads of Fate Shadow Edition Created by Blaire Porter & Brit June Aries: Higher Perspective Aries, this card is asking you at this time to rise above the crowd and see yourself from a higher vantage point. You may have been hyper focused in on who you have been and may not be seeing who you are now becoming. If you can take this higher perspective, you will be able to see the path more clearly.  Taurus: Shadow Taurus, you may have been sitting on the sidelines during these massive shifts of energy. You had enough sense to not get attached to anything while…

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    Moon Messages: July 31 2019

    If you’re anything like me, you’ve been looking forward to this Super New Moon for a whole entire year. Last summer’s uber intense eclipse and retrograde season turned my world upside down. I’ll spare you the gory details, but let’s just say, it was one hell of a ride.  This past eclipse round didn’t seem quite so tumultuous on the surface, but what it did do was mirror the upheaval of my outer world, internally. I was blind sighted by one heartbreak and shattered illusion after another. I had to face some rather core truths.  For me personally, I’ve had to let go of what I believed love means. I’ve…