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Pleasure Principles 1.2/Hydrate

In the last session we got back in touch with allowing deeper and fuller breaths. Now we will add on to that the benefits of hydration. Each subsequent session you will stack what you have learned right on top of one another. The goal of course is to fully integrate all of these practices into your daily way of being.

Week 2: Hydrate Hoe!

The Theory:

After breath, the most important need of the body is water. The water inside the body is the conductor for the life force electricity that flows through and powers your cells. Without enough water, you may be breathing enough energy in, but it cannot be transmitted efficiently enough. This can cause other issues like an overabundance of life force energy becoming stagnant, or short circuiting the places where it pools. Without enough water, the body essentially burns due to the electric like heat that is life force energy. 

This is why dehydration exacerbates heat related illnesses and desert like conditions within the physical body. Not being hydrated makes everything more abrasive and thus increases the heating effect of accumulated electrical energy that is not moving efficiently. Often the intuitive remedy to minimize these effects is to take more shallow breaths. This then contributes to the issues mentioned in the previous lesson about breathing properly. 

Hydration isn’t just about drinking enough water. It’s about drinking the right amount over the right amount of time, in combination with the right concentration of nutrients and minerals so you can hold that hydration in your body. The reason that things like Pedialyte work so well, is because not only is it water, but it contains a little bit of sugar and some essential minerals like sodium and potassium. 

Is All Water Made Equal?

Too much plain water doesn’t do much towards hydration. It can also deplete important minerals and do more harm than good. It’s therefore a good idea to incorporate alkaline water varieties (pH Matters) or take a mineral supplement daily such as ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops. Nope, it is not a sponsored plug and I’m not a doctor, but these have been such a life saver for me. This is especially true when waking up with a wicked ass hangover. It’s also much better to sip water throughout the day then to binge and chug. You’ll just have to pee more and still not feel hydrated.

There seems to be a lot of conflicting information about just how much water one needs to drink in a day. The best suggested rule of thumb is to drink half your weight in ounces per day. For a 140lb individual, that is 70 ounces or about 2 liters. If that’s a struggle for you, consider getting something like a motivational water bottle, something sexy like a Hydro Flask, or something beautiful and inspiring like a Gem-Water Bottle. The half-gallon sizes are the absolute best. Fill it up one damn time, throw in a few drops of liquid minerals and perhaps a splash of apple juice (for the sugar) and you’re ready to go! You know when you’ve finished it that you’ve done the good deed of hydration for the day. Easy af.

Believe it or not, you can also use your daily water drinking to manifest a better life. If you haven’t heard of the work of Dr. Emoto and the water crystals, check it out. Our bodies are made of mostly water, and water crystals can be programed to hold specific vibrations of specific words and feelings. You can deliberately program the water in your body by deliberately programming the water you drink. Write inspiring words, and affirmations on your water bottles with a dry erase marker. Let it sit in those high vibe words overnight and drink it all the next day. For more info about this, listen to Amber Khan’s Podcast Episode.

Other ways to enhance your water drinking experience is to place crystals near-by or simply pray or send divine white light or Reiki into your water. You can ask angels or guides to infuse whatever specific vibration you are practicing. You can also simply set your water on a placemat with positive words for a few hours, or put sticky notes on your bottles. Whatever feels good to you, do it.

Why else do we want to hydrate? Because being hydrated feels fucking good. The pleasure of hydration is the sweetness of fluidity. It is the smooth and silken gliding sensation of a well lubricated machine. It is the absence of friction. It is effortless movement and softness. Your skin will glow, your organs will thank you, and you will flow more effortlessly through life, I promise.

The Practice:

♥ For the next 7 days you are going to up your hydration game. Do whatever you need to do to make drinking enough water more accessible, sexy, and fun! 

♥ Add last week’s breathing awareness to this week’s practice. Every time you remember to drink water, breathe bitch, breathe!

♥ Drinking 8oz every hour is a good bet. Sip, don’t chug. Otherwise you’ll just pee it all out!

♥ Try adding a little bit of sugar and minerals and notice how that feels. Experiment with what way you like your water the best. Whatever works to get it done, do it!

♥ Set timers or reminders if you need. (Wallpaper reminders provided below.) 

Pro Tip:

Infuse your water with fruit in the fridge overnight. Cucumber and lemon, rosemary, mint and other herbs are also great. 

Place a tea bag or loose tea in an infuser and cold brew it in your water. It will give it some flavor without excess sugar. Avoid caffeinated varieties. 

For those who need a little extra help try Motivational Water Bottles like…

For my boujee folks that need their water to be as elegant as they are try gem infused water like…

For my rebellious peeps who need drinking water to be as fucking cool as they are, throw it in a fucking flask and drink that shit… 

Wallpaper Reminders

(Right-click or screenshot to download)

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