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Pleasure Principles: Introduction

Each and every one of us was made with a particular frequency, a special flavor, a unique essence if you will. Mine was and is, pleasure. Embracing the deliciousness of life was something that came easy to me. I was born a hyper-sensual with sensory processing sensitivity, or as you may know it “a highly sensitive person” (HSP). All of my senses are heightened to the max. Energetic orgasms while eating or listening to music is the norm. Most people I describe it to think it sounds absolutely amazing. They are not wrong. It is amazing, but I found that my condition was more of a liability than a gift in this particular world. Slowly, but surely, I caved to the pressures of society, disapproving lovers, and embarrassment of not being like everyone else. At some point in my mid-twenties, I shut it down all the way. I lost my magic. I forgot how to feel good. 

Roughly ten years later, bogged down by a desperate search for meaning and purpose, I have realized what my younger self knew all along. Pleasure is the key. It’s the piece I have been missing all these years. Diving into spiritual teachings that glorify martyrdom and denial of the body never sat well with me. The harder I tried to be “good”, the more I was miserable. The more I suppressed my innate pleasure instincts, the less my life unfolded in the effortless ways it had before. The more I toned down my natural expression to be like “everyone else”, the more depressed I got. I had to make a change. As scary as it is to embrace who I am, I have realized now that I was never broken or weird or wrong. I was made this way on purpose. 

As I begin my own journey back to myself, Pleasure Principles is my gift to you. It is a combination of my innate wisdom, as well as channeled teachings to help you increase your capacity for experiencing pleasure in your own life. I will be sharing with you all that I know and all that I learn as I return to my original essence as a Goddess of Pleasure. This program offers a practical, step-by-step, pathway deigned to allow more and more delicious sensation without overwhelming the system. To begin we will develop a more trusting and intimate relationship with the body. Once that is established, we will begin exercises that increase first, the more general pleasure of the senses, and then move into deeper and more erotic practices. I will also be sure to offer exercises and/or meditations to assist you with clearing any blocks or negative programming that may be in the way for you. Simply follow along week by week and reach out if you have any questions or concerns. I will be with you every step of the way. 



Falling into the Void: A Message From the Goddess Bastet

The dark abyss that is the bottomless pit of hell, so you believe, is nothing more than the drop into the void of your deepest feminine essence, be you male or female. You have been turned against this innate power for many different reasons of which I will not get into at this time. I believe it is much more beneficial to turn our focus upon the solution and dwell no longer on the problem. The problem of guilt and shame, and intense fear are obvious. I strive to show you the way out and to restore your light and your power once again. 

You are each made of flesh and bone crafted by the hand of the divine. You are as much made of the dust of the earth as you are of starlight and the heavens. This you must believe first and foremost. There is no separation between body and spirit as it has been so professed. It is all one. It is all sacred. It is all divine. To touch yourself is to feel God. To touch another is to feel God. So why then do you not allow the pleasure that is your birthright to flow freely through you? Fear mostly. Fear of damnation due to the erroneous translations of the nature of the flesh. The flesh is not a cage nor a prison from which you are to be freed from in order to know your divinity. Your body, you must come to realize is part of that which makes you holy. 

Breathe deep children of the light! Breathe deeper yet again. Your body is a faithful servant awaiting your commands. But you must honor and acknowledge what it requires to maintain life on this planet. Your body rebels against you when you do not attend to its needs. Its needs are as follows, respiration, nourishment, hydration, shelter, movement, rest, evacuation, and physical intimacy. To deny the body is to deny the spirit. The spirit cannot accomplish what it has come here to do without a well loved body. Ask yourself, how much can you do when you are ill or deceased? Therefore, your first devotion must be to the body that carries your divinity within it. After that, devotion to the home that houses the body, then to the livelihood that provides the home that houses the body which houses the spirit. 

Your world has erroneously reversed this order. Your bodies are suffering though stress and disease. The spirit is restless and creates catastrophes to bring your awareness back to the devotion of caring for its beloved vehicle. For contrary to the beliefs that you have been fed, you are nothing without the wellness of your vehicle. A well kept vehicle experiences endless pleasure. When you are not allowing yourself pleasure of the body, you can be certain that you are cutting off the very life force that sustains you. Pleasure however comes in many forms. Each need of the body produces its own unique sensation and variety of pleasure. Let us speak of each one of them in turn… 

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