Relationships & Sex w/ Shenayda Deane: Introduction

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Welcome to the new BBGG podcast series Relationships & Sex with Shenayda Deane!

Oh my goodness it’s good to be back! I have something super juicy for all of you goddesses and aspiring goddesses. What is the one area of life everyone seems to struggle with? Relationships! What is the deal with that right? Well I have teamed up with Shenayda Deane ( to bring you a new BBGG podcast series. Shenayda is uh-mazing and so, so knowledgable about all things sex and relating and we are going to unravel the whole stinking mess for you.

We have planned and committed to doing a weekly podcast episode where we will discuss and unravel the common misconceptions about relationships and how you too can master the art of relating. If you have specific questions regarding an issue in your love life email and we will make sure we include the answer on one of our upcoming shows. Here is the introductory episode and many more coming soon.


Stay tuned!



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