Misconceptions about Relationships

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Misconceptions about relationships

In this podcast episode we begin our discussion of the¬†misconceptions that affect relationships…

1.“If you please people you will be happy”– The belief that if we do what others want us to do we will find fulfillment in love. Unfortunately this leads to a lack of authenticity and ultimate frustrations when it comes to any kind of relationship.

2. “You can know someone¬†just by looking at them” – Women often make the mistake of eliminating someone¬†as a potential partner because they don’t look like their ideal mate. More often than not this leads to a vast market of untapped options for really magical experiences.

Shenayda and I also touch on the recent women’s march and what it means for the world that women are standing up and demanding their presence be known. We further discuss the need for the empowerment of the feminine principle, not just for women but for all humans.

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