The Return of Bad Bitch Gone Goddess

I’m back with a re-instatement of the original Bad Bitch Gone Goddess format. I will not be leaving The Dance of Love behind, I will simply be picking up where I left off with the last solo BBGG podcast I put out over a year ago! There was a time I let what I thought people would think about me stop me. I didn’t want to be the kind of cunty bitch who just ranted and raved all day about shit. In the end, I have come to realize that somebody’s  got to do it. So I guess it might as well be BBGG. Right?

I have been podcasting about love and relationships with Shenayda Deane for a few months now. Out of respect for her audience I have been in my super ultra zen head space, mostly. My Official Bad Bitch Gone Goddessness has been on some “be humble, sit down” shit for quite a while now.

I’m here to tell you that time has officially come to an end.  In future episodes we will be covering a lot of ground, so hold onto your pantaloons and let’s get to that #goddesslife I know you fucking want…


See you soon



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