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The Friend Zone Podcast

If you’ve already watched the webisode then you have the basics of what I’m talking about in regards to the friend zone. The podcast goes a little deeper into why it fucking sucks and why you should never do it. If you haven’t watched the webisode, this podcast covers everything in the video and more.

All adult relationships have a sexual component to them. Sexual meaning, the truest form of sexuality, which is creation energy. Relationships need to have a creative aspect to them to be valuable. Most people don’t want to admit that. The truth is, if there isn’t a sexual energy component to a particular relationship, it is just a person whom you’re killing time with until you DO find a sexually charged relationship. Why? Because no one really wants the friend zone.

People want meaningful connections. They want to create things with others, express their passions for things in life, and/or connect and express physically through sex. That’s the point of all relationships. To relate. If you’re not relating, then why are you spending time with this person? Think about it. No really, ask yourself why? If you aren’t able to give someone something of equal value in return to what they are providing you, you need to end that relationship. And vice versa of course.

Everybody hates the friend zone. The dreaded and despised “friend zone”  is when a woman allows someone romantically interested in her to “date” her knowing she is not romantically interested in the interested party. This also goes for anything else someone might be interested in. If you aren’t generally excited to be with this person and do the things that they want to do with you then keep it moving sister. That shit is just plain rude.

But WHY is it so rude? It’s rude because you’re keeping them from finding someone who IS excited to be with them. Don’t you want someone who is excited to be with you? Of course you do! So instead of friend zoning someone, just let it go. Don’t keep them around just because you don’t want to be alone waiting for what you really want. Don’t do it. Don’t do it to them, and don’t do it to yourself.

Just say no to the fucking friend zone!

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