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Hey beautiful people,

You may have noticed that a lot of changes have been going on here. In my own quest to be my most authentic self, that is going to happen quite a lot as I refine who I am and what BBGG really is all about. I apologize for not uploading the rest of the New Year challenge. I am rolling that into a larger series called “A Treatise on Pleasure” that I’m working on with the Goddess Bastet. With limited time and a whole lot on my plate, I am trying different ways to put out content that is sustainable as well as enjoyable for me and the most helpful for you. So please bear with me.

Weekly-ish podcasts are still rolling, as are the pick a card readings on the Youtube channel. As far as deeper spiritual teachings, those are being moved to The Sanctuary at Coven Calloway. It’s free to join, so pop on over there and sign up to become a member. The Coven will also be offering tutorials on creativity, music, production and songwriting in the near future.

That’s all for now. I will be blogging here from time to time, but they will mostly be related to the podcast episodes. In-depth spiritual writings and teachings will be posted over at the Coven. Love you so much. See you soon.



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