It is What it Is

In this episode, I talk about the phrase “It is what it is.” Like, the actual proper usage of the phrase and what it actually means. A lot of people have misinterpreted the saying and use it in ways that really make me a little batty. Contrary to popular usage, it isn’t a free pass to be a dick or let yourself be passive in shitty situations just because ‘it is what it is’. It is meant to bring to light the truth about something, so that you can then take empowered action about it. This does not include ┬áthe stories we have told ourselves about it, or the way we wish that it was, but the actual true facts about whatever it is you may want to apply these words to.

If you are somewhere you would rather not be, then it is what it is. That’s fucking fantastic! Acceptance is always the first step. It is absolutely necessary to be willing to see the truth of your current circumstances. Only then can you take the steps necessary to get to where you actually want to be. Said circumstance are not to be dwelt upon however. Certainly don’t give in to the victim mentality often associated with the “is what it is” cop out either. ‘It is what it is’ is meant to locate you along the journey of life so that higher guidance can give you directions to get you where yo want to be. That’s pretty much it. See you next time!

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