Why Asking for Twin Flame Union Doesn't Work
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Why Asking for Twin Flame Union Doesn’t Work

Not even gonna beat around the bush here, let’s jump right in. Why asking for Twin Flame Union doesn’t work, is because it does. Wait, what!? Bear with me. See when you ask the universe to bring you your twin flame union, it doesn’t seem to respond because you already are in union. That’s the reality of the connection. You are never ever separate from your twin flame in the spiritual realm. So asking over and over again to receive this union is like beating a dead horse. Your union already is. You already have it. It’s all around and inside of you. It has never ever left you. You were given this union in the beginning of time. Your soul has never and never will be separate from your beloved. 

What is the Right Question?

The universe is a funny place. The Law of Attraction is astoundingly literal as are higher guides and ascended masters. If you don’t ask the right questions, you won’t get the right answers. So what then should you be asking for? Your union is already complete on the spiritual realm. In fact, you are in harmonious union with your twin flame right this very second. What is missing is that your union is not being reflected into your physical reality. Therefore, you want to shift the way you ask for and focus on your twin flame into a more tangible perspective. 

If you are asking for twin flame union, nothing happens because it is already done. What you need to ask for is for that existing union to be revealed and brought into this current physical dimension where you can touch, see, hear, smell, and taste your beloved. You need to begin utilizing all of your senses in the way that you think about your person. You need to have trust and steadfast faith that union is already done on the energetic level. All you have to do is to allow it to come forth into your physical reality. Once you truly believe that your union is already done, then you can relax and enjoy the sweet anticipation of what is inevitably on its way to you. 

Get Physical

The minute you start asking for twin flame union, you are communicating to the universe that this union does not yet exist. This is absolutely false. However, since the Law of Attraction only mirrors back to you what you believe, it simply keeps showing you evidence that union is not yet real. When you ask for your union to become manifest in the physical, do so from a place of imagining what it is like to have them in the physical. Use all of your senses to conjure a picture to show the universe what it is you mean. That’s the way to ask that is not from a place of not having. Simply spend a few minutes each day calling forth that picture of physical union in your mind. Make it as vivid and real as possible. Feel the feelings, the sensations, the sights, the smells…etc. Be sure to include some trivial mundane things as well. Real experiences have flaws. Notice the crack in the sidewalk, or the wrinkles on their clothes. Once you have a super clear picture, feel the bliss and the gratitude for this moment. Now share that picture with the universe. 

What Are You Really Asking For?

The universe doesn’t respond to words. It responds to feelings and frequencies. The reason that asking for twin flame union doesn’t often work, is that underlying the asking is a picture of the absence of your beloved. Instead, ask from a place where you are holding a clear picture of already having that physical union in your mind. Then the universe will have no other choice but to guide you both together swiftly and easily. Any resistance, constriction, or negative vibes you feel along the way, simply do the mirror exercise to clear. Know without question that spiritual union is a given. It is already done. All you have to do is allow the physical reality to reflect that perfect union now. 

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