Why Your Prayers Aren't Being Answered
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Why Your Prayers Aren’t Being Answered

Why Your Prayers Aren’t Being Answered

Everyone prays. Everyone. I don’t care whether you think you are religious or not, you pray. If you have felt grief, or burden, or suffering of any kind, I promise you have prayed. So go ahead and drop the pretenses. You are a praying man or woman. Period. We all are. The trouble is that when most of us have prayed in the past, we are simply trying to use God randomly, as a resource. We’re like “Hey up there! I’m having a hard time down here, help me out would ya?”. 

Now imagine that you went to some random stranger’s house and knocked on their door and asked them to help you out. 9 times out of 10, you would get a crazy look and the door slammed  in your face. You would never go to someone that you don’t have a personal relationship with and ask them to help you just because you were having a hard day. Similarly, you wouldn’t go to an ex’s house either. Sure, at one time you could ask them for things because you were together, but now you’re not. Not being in the relationship, now exclude you from the benefits of being in the relationship.

This is how most of have treated our Higher Powers, the Universe, God, or Source. We haven’t entered into a mutually intimate relationship with that power, but we expect it to be available whenever we call on it without cultivating or nourishing a relationship with it. In order to have the resources that you need in life, you need to “re-source.” That means that you have to start having a personal and intimate relationship with your higher power regularly, in order to reap the benefits of that relationship. 

I’m not saying that God is petty and won’t answer prayers if he is not having the kind of relationship that he wants with you. What I am saying is that if you are not having an intimate relationship with your higher power, you won’t be able to hear the answers. You won’t be able to see the signs. You won’t be able to know which path to follow to get what you are praying for. If you aren’t in communion with God, you cannot be in communication. So no matter how much you ask for shit, you won’t get it. Not because it isn’t given, but because you have no way to receive the communication with which to find it. 

In future posts, we will discuss the proper way to pray and how to develop a thriving mutual relationship with God.

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